Please follow the below specifications when setting up your artwork for foiling business cards:

  • CMYK colour mode
  • All fonts converted to outlines
  • 3mm bleed
  • 300dpi
  • Artwork dimensions to match size ordered. Our standard sizes are 90x55mm, 86x54mm & 90x45mm. If you require a different size please specify. Note a $10+GST custom trimming will be applied. 
  • We need to create a separate layer for the foiling. To do so, we must have the editable or vector file to extract foiling layer. 
  • If the artwork supplied with flat images - An email will be sent for new artwork as we cannot extract flat images.
  • 1 side Foil only. Please advise where to apply it.

Please export your file as a PDF with the following setup:

  • Page 1: CMYK only - side that foiling is to be applied to
  • Page 2 (if required): CMYK only for the reverse side of the card
  • Page 3: 100% Black - indicating where foiling is to be applied to on page 1
  • Page 4: Positional Guide - Front artwork and foil combined

Please note - Minimum quantity for this stock is 500

Please do not send PNG or JPG files. These type of file formats are flat images and not editable